Pistachios are predicted to be the top nut of 2023

From snacks to bakery and even fashion, pistachios are having a moment

  • 21 February 2023
Pistachios are predicted to be the top nut of 2023

Fresno, California – The pandemic forced consumers to reevaluate their health and wellbeing and consider not only what they ate and how it affected them, but also how it affected the planet.

Food industry leaders recently predicted pistachios would be the top nut of 2023 in food trend research.

The sustainability of pistachios stands out from other crops. They are a permanent crop that spans generations of farmers and are relatively drought tolerant.  

Originating in western Asia, pistachios are the seeds of the pistachio tree. They have a sweet and subtle flavor that flavor both sweet and savory dishes. 

Pistachios is a complete protein, which is the quality of protein usually found in animal proteins. 

They are also very high in antioxidants. In fact, they have the same level of antioxidant capacity found in blueberries, pomegranates and red wine.

Top Pistachio Flavored Product Categories:
•    Snacks 26%
•    Bakery 23%
•    Desserts & Ice Cream18%
•    Chocolate Confectionary 14%
•    Sweet Spreads 7%

Some pistachio desserts you will go nuts for include pistachio cake, pistachio tart, pistachio pudding, pistachio lime squares and pistachio cookies. 

Beyond the taste and nutritional benefits of the nut, trends are extending into the color and smell if pistachios, with the nutty aroma now being used in candles and perfumes. 

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