Dawn Foods emphasizes on Daily Delights and Mindfulness Matters at IDDBA

Consumers have changed their perception of sweet treats

  • 19 June 2023
Dawn Foods emphasizes on Daily Delights and Mindfulness Matters at IDDBA

Jackson, Michigan – A global bakery manufacturer and ingredient distributor, Dawn Foods, identified four transformative trends in its Global Bakery Trends Report. 

Two of them, Daily Delights and Mindfulness Matters, provide valuable insights into what consumers truly desire from bakeries and the types of sweet bakery products they are most interested in purchasing.

Did you know, over half of consumers have incorporated sweet baked goods into their daily routines in the past year? 

Daily Delights refers to smaller-sized portions that cater to consumers who want a small indulgence in their day. 

With a growing focus on mental health, consumers have changed their perception of sweet treats.

Enjoying something sweet has shifted from being a guilty pleasure to something that brings joy and is seen as an integral part of a balanced lifestyle.

On the other hand, Mindfulness Matters reflects how today's consumers are mindful about the food they consume. 

They are conscious of how their choices impact their personal health, their community, and the environment. 

Authenticity and making a positive impact on the world are important factors for them when selecting food options.

For instance, 73% of consumers prioritize eating locally sourced food, and 61% are willing to pay more for sustainable choices.

Sarah Hickey, Senior Director of Marketing and Insights, highlights that trends are now shaped by consumers themselves. 

"People enjoy indulging once a day and want to make a mindful choice," she explains, emphasizing the intersection of Daily Delights and Mindfulness Matters.

Hickey emphasizes that the sweet bakery sector offers numerous innovative products and combinations that provide consumers with a wide range of enticing flavors and textures. 

At the International Dairy Deli Bakery Association (IDDBA) convention in Anaheim, California, Dawn Foods introduced its patent-pending Dawn Exceptional Pak Perfect Non-Sticky Donut Glaze. 

This groundbreaking innovation, suitable for both small and large-scale donut production lines, enables manufacturers, commissaries, and in-store bakeries to sell glazed yeast-raised donuts packaged in a clamshell.

The Dawn Exceptional Pak Perfect Non-Sticky Donut Glaze features a revolutionary texture that is non-sticky, leaving no residue and maintaining a packaged shelf-life of five days.

Additionally, Dawn Foods showcased a wide range of trendy options for shoppers at the IDDBA show, including Daisy Donuts made with Dawn Exceptional Rich Taste Lemon Filling, Banana Split Cupcakes, and more.

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