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AIB Baking Science and Technology Course

The AIB School of Baking’s Baking Science and Technology course is rigorous, intense, and changes with the baking industry by adapting new learning technologies that take into account the changing learning styles of today’s digital generation of open-sourced, multi-tasking students.
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How to use Google My Business

An informative guide by HupSpot on how to use Google My Business.
Google my Business is a free tool that gives you the freedom to manage how your business appears in a Google Search and on Google Maps. You can ensure Google is presenting your proper business name, location, and hours but can also monitor customer reviews. Google My Business let's you add photos, teaches you where and how people are searching for you, and more.
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How to use Twitter for Business

Having a Twitter account setup for your Business, can connect you with both your existing customers as well as a new audience. Building brand awareness using social media platforms like Twitter can make an impact and drive results. Read more about Twitter for Business

Lessons from The Tipping Point

Many lessons can be learned from Malcolm Gladwell's book The Tipping Point. Small actions in the right place, at the right time, and with the right people can create a 'tipping point' for anything. Even though the book was published a number of years ago, the lessons remain true. This book contains examples of known brands and their own tipping points that pushed their brands to the height of popularity.
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How to Turn Customers Into Fans

Best selling author David Meerman Scott shares some insight on growing your customer base and turning them into die-hard fans. Read about creating word-of-mouth buzz, helping your customers feel closer to your brand, and turning your business into a leader in your area.
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Should Your Company offer Food Deliver Services?

In recent years the restaurant industry has been turned upside down all thanks to the creation of food delivery apps. The addition of food delivery services increases access to your menu regardless of table availability. Multiple food delivery services are available and offer different features.
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How To Market Your Bakery:

Think you have the best apple pie and double chocolate cheesecake? Even all your friends agree...but is that enough to keep your business growing. Speaking of growing, how do you grow and market your business? We've put together some quick and easy tips and ideas to consider when marketing your bakery.
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101 Marketing Quotes to Inspire You

Looking for inspirational quotes to get you started on your path of marketing your business? Transform your business by learning from the best in the business.
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A Changing Food Manufacturing Industry

Evolving consumer preferences, the use of automation, food safety regulations, and foreign direct investment are stirring up the food industry.
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Grants for Bakeries:

There are many ways to raise money to afford all those new upgrades, but why not take advantage of these quick links to help you finance new upgrades, improvements and expansions. If you know of other programs available, please reach out to us to expand this list of resources.

The One North Carolina Fund Grant Program
Bakeries and other firms may apply for funding for a variety of purposes, such as to purchase and install new equipment, make structural improvements to facilities, or renovate utilities.
Visit the One North Carolina Fund Grant Program website

Ohio Department of Development
The Department of Development works to support Ohio's businesses whether a company is established, looking to expand or an entrepreneur establishing a new business.
Visit the Ohio Department of Development website

Idea Café
The Idea Café offers small grants to entrepreneurs with innovative ideas. If you have an idea for a new exciting offering they might be able to help.
Read more on the Idea Café Small Biz Grant Center

US Small Business Association
Eligible communities and small businesses can apply for a grant that promotes entrepreneurship.
Visit the US Small Business Association website

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