6 Valentine’s Day baking equipment

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching next month

  • 23 January 2023
6 Valentine’s Day baking equipment

Valentine’s Day is next month and whether you are celebrating with your partner, best friends or loved ones, home-cooked food and baked goods always makes a great treat.

If you are planning on baking a sweet delight, here are the best Valentine’s Day baking equipment to seal the day with an edible kiss.

• Heart-shaped anything: From heart-shaped cake tins to heart cookie cutters, there are plenty of kitchenware and home appliances that make Valentine’s Day baking both a breeze and romantic

• Heart silicone mold: If you plan on making your own chocolate truffles, cake pops or another decadent sweet treat, get yourself a 3D heart silicone mold to shape your treat 

• Cupcake toppers: an inexpensive decoration that enhances the look of the cake and adds a romantic touch 

• Valentine’s cupcake box: A cupcake box with a window and heart decoration on the exterior casing is eye catching and will make your cupcakes look professional

• Heart spoon: This cute and cheerful kitchenware quite literally stirs love into your recipe 

• Valentine’s Day apron: Not only do you need the correct equipment, but you also need a Valentine’s Day-themed apron 

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