Dawn Foods releases Global Bakery Trends

Dawn Foods debuts non-sticky donut glaze

  • 25 October 2022
Dawn Foods releases Global Bakery Trends

Jackson, Michigan – At the International Baking Industry Exposition (IBIE), Dawn Foods unveiled its new Global Bakery Trends Report and its latest product innovation. 

For the past three years, Dawn Foods’ Global Market Research and Insights teams interviewed more than 3,000 consumers and visited hundreds of bakeries, grocery stores and food services establishments to research the most significant changes in consumer behavior. 

Dawn’s 2023 Global Trends include: 
1.    Technology Transformation: 57% of global consumers plan to order more food online in 2023 than they have previously. 
2.    Experience Exploration: consumers seek foods that not only enhance their nostalgic memories but incorporate fresh and new flavor experiences from other cultures 
3.    Daily Delights: consumers are finding ways to bring moments of joy into their daily routine with smaller-sized, high-quality sweet treats. 
4.    Mindfulness Matters: global consumers are looking for authenticity and 71% are willing to pay a premium for sweet baked foods that are made sustainably. 

The global bakery manufacturer and ingredients distributor also released its latest product – Dawn Exceptional Pak Perfect Non-Sticky Glaze.

The patent-pending glaze technology allows of packaged yeast-raised donuts to stay non-sticky for up to five days. 

"Our new Global Trends report and donut glaze are the latest examples of Dawn's commitment to providing industry-leading insights, high-quality products and innovative solutions to our customers," states Carrie Jones-Barber, Chief Executive Officer at Dawn Foods. 

"These offerings provide a greater understanding of consumer wants and needs and drive efficiencies for our customers.”

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