Cargill Launches Innovative Fats for Bakers

New Fats Line for Bakery Treats

  • 24 June 2024
Cargill Launches Innovative Fats for Bakers

Minneapolis, Minnesota - Cargill has introduced a series of fats designed to enhance the quality of bakery and snack products.

The new PalmAgility 600 series is changing the game for manufacturers by offering a range of benefits that cater to consumer demands for indulgent and visually appealing treats.

Here's how:

Enhanced Heat Stability

PalmAgility 600 products are designed to withstand higher temperatures. This quality is crucial during the baking process and helps maintain the consistency and texture of the final product.

Delayed Fat Bloom

One of the unique features of these products is their ability to reduce fat bloom, a common issue where fats rise to the surface and create a whitish coating. This results in a more attractive and appealing appearance throughout the product's shelf life.

Versatility in Application

Whether it's for enrobing chocolates, bottoming pies, or creating creamy fillings, the PalmAgility 600 series offers flexibility. It's suitable for a variety of uses including drizzling, moulding, and as fillings in confections.

Non-Hydrogenated Options

Keeping health in mind, the line includes five non-hydrogenated products. This feature caters to the growing consumer preference for healthier snack options without compromising on taste.

Textural Variety

Depending on the desired product, manufacturers can choose from options that provide a harder bite or a creamy, soft texture. This adaptability makes it ideal for creating everything from chocolate-covered donuts to snack bars.

As noted by Serpil Metin, Cargill’s Principal Product Developer, the PalmAgility 600 series not only meets the market demand for premium, indulgent products but does so while enhancing the visual and textural qualities of snacks.

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