Dawn Foods Merges with Royal Steensma

Two Bakery Giants Unite, Expanding Global Market Presence

  • 12 February 2024
Dawn Foods Merges with Royal Steensma

Jackson, Michigan - In a landmark move for the global bakery sector, Dawn Foods has officially acquired Royal Steensma, marking a significant expansion in the industry. This acquisition combines the strengths of two storied family-owned companies, each with a rich heritage in the bakery business.

Royal Steensma, known for its diverse range of bakery products including fat-based coatings, almond pastes, and fruit fillings, brings nearly two centuries of expertise to the table.

With facilities spread across The Netherlands and a footprint in Thailand, Royal Steensma's legacy of innovation and quality is now part of Dawn Foods' expanding portfolio.

This strategic merger is more than just a business deal; it's a fusion of shared values and a mutual commitment to excellence in the bakery industry.

Dawn Foods, with its own century-long history of serving the baking community, views the integration of Royal Steensma's skilled workforce and extensive product range as a pivotal step towards enhancing its global market presence.

The acquisition not only increases Dawn's manufacturing capabilities but also enriches its product offerings, ensuring customers have access to a broader array of high-quality bakery solutions.

Carrie Jones-Barber, Chief Executive Officer of Dawn Foods, emphasized the synergy between the two companies, highlighting the united vision to inspire bakers worldwide with innovative products.

The deal, which was finalized on January 31, promises a wealth of new opportunities for employees, customers, and the broader bakery community.

This union is poised to drive forward innovation, quality, and growth, reinforcing the commitment to delighting customers and supporting bakers in achieving their business aspirations.

With a shared legacy of bakery excellence, Dawn Foods and Royal Steensma are now set to bake a brighter future together.

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