Reducing oil served in baked foods

Discussing oil with Richard Leboucher

  • 25 October 2022
Reducing oil served in baked foods

Pennsauken, New Jersey – Richard Leboucher, R&D Director for Puratos USA, Bakery in Los Angeles, played an influential role when creating an enzyme-based solution that bakers can use to replace oil in their baked foods.

Leboucher graduated with Master’s Degrees in Cereal Biochemistry and Food Technology and Processing. He spent the first eight years of his professional career in R&D roles in France before accepting a position with Puratos USA.

For the past 20 years at Puratos USA, Leboucher served as Vice President of R&D, R&D Director and R&D Manager.

So what role does oil serve in baked foods?

Oil is widely used in baked foods and can have a lot of different functionalities. It essentially brings softness and texture while contributing to the flavor perception. 

Oil is used to facilitate slicing for applications such as sliced breads and hamburger buns and serves as a lubricant to improve and facilitate the processing of the dough on automated lines.

Bakers can determine whether a full or partial oil replacement is best for their product based on the amount of oil to replace. Particularly good candidates are all yeast-raised baked foods that contain less than 10% of oil on flour weight. This includes sandwich breads (white, multigrain, whole wheat-bread slices) and hamburger buns.

As a rule of thumb, the higher the oil content, the more challenging the replacement is.

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