BENEO Launches a Barley Beta-Glucans Ingredient

BENEO's New Barley Beta-Glucans Product Promotes Heart Health and Blood Sugar Management

  • 24 July 2023
BENEO Launches a Barley Beta-Glucans Ingredient

By: Sarika Magdum

Parsippany-Troy, New Jersey - BENEO, a renowned provider of functional fibres, has introduced its latest innovation, Orafti β-Fit, a natural and clean label wholegrain barley flour enriched with 20% beta-glucans. 

This new ingredient offers a wide range of unique health benefits, including positive impacts on heart health and blood sugar management. 

As consumers increasingly prioritize healthier food and beverage options, Orafti β-Fit aligns with their preferences for sustainable and wholegrain ingredients.

Orafti β-Fit expands BENEO's functional fibre product range, providing an affordable solution in the beta-glucans category. 

This advancement brings added value for both food manufacturers and health-conscious consumers. With a growing interest in products promoting heart health, Orafti β-Fit's proven health benefits and approved health claims enable manufacturers to create appealing products with clear front-of-pack communication. 

Additionally, consumers can conveniently choose nutritional products that positively impact their well-being.

Scientific studies have consistently demonstrated the verified health benefits of beta-glucans, which are soluble dietary fibres found in barley. 

Barley beta-glucans contribute to blood sugar management and cardiovascular health. Over 120 scientific studies support these health effects, and corresponding health claims have been recognized by official bodies such as EFSA, FDA, and Health Canada.

BENEO's Orafti β-Fit not only offers health benefits but also addresses the global fiber gap by providing enrichment in various applications. 

Its versatility makes it suitable for use in baked goods, pasta, cereals, meal replacements, and even dairy alternatives, where it enhances texture by increasing viscosity.

In line with BENEO's commitment to sustainability, Orafti β-Fit is produced using the entire barley kernel, ensuring zero waste and 100% valorization of raw materials, without the need for additional water resources.

With Orafti β-Fit, BENEO strengthens its position as a leading provider of functional fibres, connecting nutrition and health. 

By assisting food manufacturers in developing great-tasting products, BENEO aims to meet the evolving demands of consumers, even in times of tighter budgets.

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