BENEO Launches Sugar-Reducing Ingredient Beneo-scL85

Innovative Solution Supports Consumer Sugar Reduction Trend

  • 25 September 2023
BENEO Launches Sugar-Reducing Ingredient Beneo-scL85

Parsippany, New Jersey - Responding to the demand for sugar reduction products amongst consumers, BENEO, a leading ingredients company, has recently introduced its innovative Beneo-scL85.

This ingredient, a short-chain fructooligosaccharide (scFOS), comes from beet sugar and promises not only a solution to sugar replacement but also the benefit of added dietary fiber.

What's exciting about Beneo-scL85 is its versatility. Manufacturers looking to satisfy sugar-conscious consumers now have an edge.

Products can be re-formulated or newly developed to have a sweeter taste with less actual sugar. It's not just about reducing sweetness; this ingredient plays a role in improving texture and offers excellent solubility.

With applications spanning bakery, dairy, and cereals, its potential is vast.

Another advantage is its positive impact on front-of-pack nutrition labels, like Europe's NutriScore. By incorporating scFOS, the nutritional profile of products is enhanced, allowing for a favorable score.

This move is strategic for BENEO, especially with their expanded production capabilities in Chile for chicory root fibre.

Eric Neven, the Commercial Managing Director for BENEO’s Functional Fibres, highlighted the value of this addition, noting the increased flexibility and availability it offers their customers.

With the growing global demand for reduced sugar solutions, Beneo-scL85 seems poised to make a significant mark.

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