Top Seedz Expands with New Production Plant

New Production Facility Boosts Organic Snack Brand

  • 21 May 2024
Top Seedz Expands with New Production Plant

Buffalo, New York - Top Seedz, a brand known for its nutritious and flavorful organic snack crackers, is experiencing a meteoric rise. Founded just seven years ago at a local farmer's market, the company has blossomed into a national player.

To keep pace with this incredible growth, Top Seedz has opened a new, highly automated production facility in Buffalo, New York.

This state-of-the-art facility boasts ten times the capacity of its previous operation, ensuring they can meet the coast-to-coast demand for its delicious and healthy snacks.

Top Seedz isn't just about delicious crackers; they're also passionate about social impact. Founder Rebecca Brady, originally from New Zealand, has always championed female empowerment.

Her commitment is evident as a significant portion of her 42-person workforce consists of women refugees from over 20 countries.

Top Seedz partners with local agencies to provide these women with valuable skills training, including English language classes when needed.

This dedication to social good, combined with a winning product, has propelled Top Seedz to new heights.

In 2021, Rebecca Brady's entrepreneurial spirit and inspiring story landed her a life-changing $1 million investment from 43North, a Buffalo-based business accelerator organization.

Top Seedz offers a variety of healthy and satisfying snack options.

Its signature product is its line of flavorful crackers, available in three varieties: Sea Salt, 6 Seed, and Rosemary & Cumin. They also offer roasted and raw seeds, alongside their convenient new snack packs, available in 0.75 oz and 1.5 oz sizes.

With a commitment to quality, innovation, and social responsibility, Top Seedz is a rising star in the healthy snacking industry.

Its dedication to providing delicious and nutritious options, coupled with their focus on social impact, positions them for continued success as they expand their reach across the United States.

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