Dutchland Foods Thrives on Workforce Flexibility

Varied production needs met by community workforce

  • 23 October 2023
Dutchland Foods Thrives on Workforce Flexibility

Iowa, USA - Nestled in Lester, Iowa, Dutchland Foods shines as an exemplar of adaptability and community engagement. Its workforce, primarily full-timers, swells with part-time locals on high-demand days, highlighting the firm's agile staffing strategy.

According to Monty Van Wyhe, fluctuations in manual labor requirements are common, owing to their diverse pastry products.

The workforce, sourced from Lester and surrounding locales, includes homemakers seeking flexible work schedules.

While recent years have seen a tightening labor market, the company traditionally relies on direct applications, thanks to Midwest's robust work ethic. "Our team members, they’re truly the core strength of our business," asserts Pete Van Wyhe.

The management fosters a familial culture, marked by workplace pastries and social events. Even as automation looms, there's a strong commitment to employee retention. "Every new machine brings a worry of layoffs, but it’s never actualized.

We pivot, finding them different roles, fueling our growth," shares the CEO.

Scheduling remains an intricate dance, balancing inventory, orders, and allergen considerations. This is especially true during the hectic fall season, with a surge in fundraising items and retail pie dough demand.

Prioritizing food safety, the plant, recognized by USDA and BRC, dedicates significant resources to sanitation and compliance.

"Modern food safety standards dictate plant operations. Our high-end clientele expect stringent auditing and we’ve consistently achieved top ratings, a testament to our stellar food safety team," Pete elaborates.

Dutchland Foods underscores the synergy between community-driven staffing, operational flexibility, and an unwavering dedication to quality and safety standards.

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