Exploring Alternative Flours in Dietary Baking

Nut Flours Enhance Texture and Nutrition in Gluten-Free Goods

  • 21 August 2023
Exploring Alternative Flours in Dietary Baking

United States - Bakers are delving into a world of diverse flours, with nut flour leading the way in crafting unique textures and nutritious gluten-free items. 

Almond flour, a popular substitute for traditional wheat flour, comes in two variations. The version made with skin-on almonds is ideal for darker baked goods, while blanched almond flour is better suited for light cakes and muffins. 

Both types are suitable for snacks, including crackers. They are nutrient-dense, offering 13 grams of healthy fats and are rich in vitamin E and calcium.

Companies recognize the potential of these flours. For instance, Maria and Ricardo’s, a health-focused tortilla manufacturer, now offers keto-friendly tortillas made with almond flour, boasting as few as 4 net carbs per serving.

However, not all alternative flours are nutrient-dense. Take rice flour; while versatile, it's largely lacking in nutrients. 

To address this, brands like The Good Flour Co. blend rice flour with other nutritious ingredients, such as buckwheat flour and potato protein. 

Their "Patty Cakes" mix, suitable for pancakes and waffles, is nutritious and free from added sugars.

Then there is chickpea flour. A standout product from Scoular Food Innovation, it not only acts as an excellent emulsifier but also serves as a viable egg replacement. 

Though it is not keto-friendly, its allergen-free and non-GMO attributes make it attractive.

In the ongoing quest for the perfect flour substitute, ancient grains and legume-based flours are also in the spotlight. Despite their pronounced flavors, ancient grains like quinoa and sorghum provide whole grain benefits. 

And as for legumes, they are the star ingredient in innovative snacks such as the "Selects Baked Navy Bean Snacks" by Harvest Snaps.

In this evolving culinary landscape, it is evident that as dietary preferences shift, bakers are ready to adapt and innovate.

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