Every baker should know these 5 biggest food trends

Consumers are craving plant-based options, health boosters and sourdough innovations

  • 23 May 2023
Every baker should know these 5 biggest food trends

Pennsauken, New Jersey – As food trends succeed one another at lightning speed, Puratos helps bakers, pastry chefs and chocolatiers stay up to date with its Taste Tomorrow consumer research platform.

Through its semantic analysis technology, in combination with a global consumer survey and the knowledge of consumer trend experts, Puratos gathers quantitative research. 

“We interview more than 20,000 consumers across bakery, patisserie and chocolate markets in fifty countries,” explains Nanno Palte, consumer insights expert. 

“We ask consumers about their attitudes, choices and tastes, to garner a global perspective on where the food industry is today, and where it’s headed tomorrow.”

Based on Puratos’ data and insights, here are the most important consumer trends at the moment: 

Classics Continued – familiar treats are the ultimate indulgence

People like the certainty of knowing what to expect and having their needs perfectly met. You cannot go wrong with a classic. Old-fashioned recipes are not just about taste but bringing people together and creating a sense of home.

Besides opting for classic recipes, utilize your packaging to evoke happy memories of days gone by. Several food brands are reverting to old-school visual styles to evoke nostalgia among their audiences. 

Plant Forward – the future is plant-based without compromising on taste 

As climate change becomes more apparent, more consumers want to live healthily and ethically, such as opting for a plant-based lifestyle to decrease their environmental footprint.

The most sought-after vegan products are replications of traditional dishes, especially during the holiday seasons.

Indulgent plant-based treats are emerging as well, providing opportunities in patisserie and chocolate with treats. 


Since 2020, the age-old craft of fermenting sourdough has maintained its relevance and growth. It is easy to digest causing an increased focus on gut health, while offering a unique taste. Sourdough is being used for croissants, bagels, donuts and all kinds of new applications. 

Functional Food – eating your way to overall health and wellbeing

As people increasingly understand the connection between nutrition and health, functional foods with specific physical and psychological health benefits are becoming more popular.

The two most important perceived health benefits of a balanced diet are those affecting the immune system and the gut. 2023 is also predicted to be the year of mood food. Sweet treats dominate the mood food category because they combine indulgence and an enjoyable taste profile with endorphin release.

Visual Appeal – first bite is taken with the eyes 

Food that looks good is perceived as more appetizing, so it is important to grasp the emotional aspect of visual appeal.

In this age of social media, aesthetically pleasing food is everywhere. Focus on product aesthetics and opt for ingredients that play to this, such as edible gold, dried flower petals, or a simple sprinkle of seeds.


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