Celebrating a Century of Baking Excellence

BakingTech 2024 Marks ASB's 100-Year Milestone with Style

  • 12 February 2024
Celebrating a Century of Baking Excellence

Chicago, Illinois - The American Society of Baking (ASB) reaches a monumental milestone as it celebrates 100 years of shaping the baking industry at BakingTech 2024.

This year's event, set to take place from February 27-29 in Chicago, promises an unparalleled celebration, blending education, networking, and a look back at the industry's evolution over a century.

Eric Lewis, ASB's Chairman, emphasizes the event as a pivotal moment, showcasing the organization's journey and its vision for the future.

Under his leadership, alongside Kristen Spriggs, ASB’s Executive Director, the event is poised to be more than just a conference.

It's an immersive experience where attendees are encouraged to dive into the spirit of the occasion, donning attire from their favorite decades and enjoying a medley of musical entertainment spanning the years.

Central to the celebration is the recognition of the baking industry's rich history and its innovators, with the Baking Hall of Fame induction ceremony and a special homage to past honorees.

The event also introduces the Bake Talks stage, an expansion of the previous year's Bread Talks, promising engaging sessions that highlight industry advancements and foster collaboration among professionals.

With over 200 exhibitors, the Marketplace will be buzzing with the latest in baking technology and ingredients.

The event also features professional workshops, technical presentations, and sessions dedicated to industry research and advocacy, reinforcing the ASB's commitment to innovation and growth.

BakingTech 2024 stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of the ASB and the vibrant community it represents.

It's an opportunity to celebrate achievements, forge new connections, and look ahead to the future of baking with optimism and pride. Join the industry's finest in commemorating a century of excellence and the start of another innovative chapter.

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