Spritz Cookies

Quick and easy to make classic's.

Spritz Cookies
Overall formula
Sugar 2# 8 oz
Butter 2# 8 oz
Shortening 1# 6 oz
Salt 0.5 oz
Vanilla 1 oz
Cream together in mixer bowl until just smooth.
Eggs 9 oz
Milk 9 oz
At room temperature. Slowly add. Scrape down the bowl.
King Arthur Sir Galahad (sifted) 5# 8 oz
Milk powder (sifted) 3 oz
Add and blend until just smooth.
  1. Once batter has been made, prepare a sheet pan with parchment and fill a pastry bag with a #5 star tip.
  2. Pipe out cookie dough into small rosettes, or any desirable shape. Garnish with candied fruit, nuts, jams, etc.
  3. Bake at 350F until golden brown – approximately 15 minutes. Remove cookies from oven and cool on wire rack. Store in air tight container. 
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