Recent Patents Revolutionize Bakery Technology

Innovative Methods and Designs in Bakery Equipment Patented

  • 22 April 2024
Recent Patents Revolutionize Bakery Technology

United States - The bakery industry is witnessing a wave of innovation with the recent granting of several new patents that promise to enhance production methods and introduce novel products.

These patents cover a range of bakery technologies from dough processing to ice cream cone manufacturing.

One notable patent awarded to Radie B.V. is US Patent No. 11,716,997. This patent outlines a system for automating the fermentation process to produce sheets of pre-fermented dough, offering bakeries a more efficient and consistent product.

Another interesting innovation comes from KH Alacant Innova S.L.U., with patent number 11,717,004.

This patent describes a method for manufacturing ice cream cones by setting a cone-shaped wafer into a specifically adapted mold, potentially streamlining the production process and improving product uniformity.

Further advancements include a patent for a dough-stretching machine, granted to ECOR International SPA. Patent No. 11,723,373 illustrates a machine designed to stretch dough, which can significantly aid in the mass production of bakery items by automating what is traditionally a manual task.

A particularly creative patent is US Patent No. D995,979, assigned to Alkim SRL. This design patent showcases an ornamental star-shaped pizza dough, which could attract customers looking for unique dining experiences.

Lastly, General Mills Inc. has been granted US Patent No. 11,730,169 for an apparatus that produces scored dough pieces. This technology aims to facilitate the handling and baking of frozen un-proofed dough, enhancing both the aesthetic and practical aspects of baking.

These patents not only demonstrate technical advancement in bakery equipment but also reflect a growing trend towards automation and innovation in the food industry.

As these new technologies are adopted, they are likely to lead to more efficient production processes and creative product offerings in bakeries worldwide.

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