Global Trends Show Increased Snacking Preference

Consumers Opt for Snacks Over Meals, Value Mindful Eating

  • 26 March 2024
Global Trends Show Increased Snacking Preference

Chicago, Illinois - Mondelēz International, Inc. today announced the launch of the fifth annual State of Snacking™ report, a global consumer trends study examining annual insights on how consumers make snacking decisions.

Despite economic uncertainties worldwide, snacking remains a staple in consumers' daily lives, with a distinct shift towards mindful, health-oriented, and value-aligned eating habits.

This comprehensive study, developed alongside The Harris Poll, delves into the evolving consumer preferences, showcasing a steadfast commitment to snacking.

The survey spanned across 12 countries, highlighting a universal trend: a pronounced preference for snacking over conventional meals.

This preference underscores a larger narrative of shifting lifestyles and the global shift towards more fluid, dynamic eating patterns.

Further insights from the report illuminate a growing consumer predilection for snacks that not only satisfy taste buds but also resonate with personal and environmental values.

Notably, the report points out an unchanging budget allocation towards snacks, with two-thirds of respondents maintaining their snack spending despite price sensitivity.

Additionally, an overwhelming majority of consumers—85%, to be precise—emphasize the importance of savoring their snacks, pointing to a rise in mindful snacking practices.

Adventurous eating habits are on the rise, fueled by social media's influence on snack discovery. Consumers are increasingly becoming "snack adventurers," eager to explore new flavors and textures.

The report also emphasizes a growing demand for snacks that align with sustainability, reflecting a conscientious consumer base that prioritizes environmental impact alongside taste and health benefits.

Mondelēz International's report not only highlights the enduring popularity of snacking but also sheds light on the intricate relationship between consumer values, economic factors, and dietary choices.

As the global snacking landscape continues to evolve, Mondelēz remains at the forefront, championing the fusion of taste, health, and sustainability in its offerings.

This ongoing trend towards mindful, value-driven snacking signifies a pivotal moment in the food industry, as consumers and manufacturers alike navigate the complexities of modern dietary habits.

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