Divine Chocolate Marks 25 Years with Exclusive Release

Fair-trade brand launches special edition for anniversary celebration

  • 23 October 2023
Divine Chocolate Marks 25 Years with Exclusive Release

Washington, USA - Divine Chocolate is commemorating a quarter of a century in the industry with the launch of a unique Birthday Bar, a testament to its longstanding commitment to ethical practices and farmer empowerment.

This farmer-owned, premium chocolate brand's anniversary release is not just a celebration of their journey but also a tribute to the cocoa farmers integral to their chocolate's success.

The Birthday Bar is no ordinary chocolate; it's an amalgamation of tales from 25 cocoa farmers worldwide, each with a story ingrained in every bite.

This milk chocolate delight isn't just sweetened with sugar but with the richness of buttery biscuit pieces, adding a crunch that signifies the many steps in Divine's impactful journey.

"Marking our 25th anniversary, we're renewing our pledge to challenge industry norms," articulates Sophie Loveday-Davies, Divine's Group Marketing Director. "Our Birthday Bar is more than a tantalizing treat; it's an invitation to consumers to join in acknowledging the people who form the backbone of Divine Chocolate - the cocoa producers and their families."

Divine's ethos is carved around combatting exploitation, promoting sustainability, and primarily, standing as a beacon of hope for cocoa farmers.

Their model isn't just about business; it's about inclusivity, ensuring that the benefits trickle down to every member of their cooperative, enriching lives beyond just profits.

With every purchase of the Birthday Bar, consumers aren't just partaking in a celebration; they're contributing to a larger cause - empowering cocoa farmers, uplifting families, and by extension, nurturing communities.

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