Corbion Unveils Predictive Tool for Mold-Free Baking

First-Ever Model Accelerates Natural Mold Inhibition Solutions

  • 21 August 2023
Corbion Unveils Predictive Tool for Mold-Free Baking

Lenexa, Kansas - In a game-changing move for the baking world, Corbion launches the industry's pioneering predictive tool - the Corbion Natural Mold Inhibition Model (CNMIM). 

This online, data-driven model is set to revolutionize how bakers approach natural preservation.

CNMIM’s core functionality revolves around predicting a baked product's mold-free shelf life. Bakers input specific product parameters, and the tool forecasts based on real-life tests against 11 mold strains commonly found in baked items. 

It allows bakers to compare up to three distinct natural mold inhibitor formulas, guiding them toward the best fit for their product.

Domenico Vulcano, Vice President of Global Innovation at Corbion, highlights the challenges bakers face during the new product development phase. 

With the integration of Corbion’s seasoned microbiological expertise and over two decades of predictive modeling, CNMIM offers a faster, budget-friendly route for fresh product launches.

The CNMIM is not just about predicting; it provides detailed comparisons of different preservation methods. It considers a product’s distinct formulation and traits, estimating the mold appearance timeline at both group and species levels. 

Such intricate details are invaluable to bakers keen on aligning with the rising demand for natural, label-friendly goods, while also minimizing product returns.

Lonneke van Dijk, Senior Director of Preservation, emphasizes the model’s timeliness. With consumers tilting towards label-friendly foods, tools like CNMIM equip bakers with an edge to respond efficiently and economically.

Corbion, with a century in the food industry, continues to stand as a beacon of innovation, safety, and quality. This new tool underscores their relentless drive to offer sustainable, cutting-edge solutions, reaffirming their position as leaders in food preservation.

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