Bakers Adapting - Reducing Egg Dependence

Reasons and Strategies Behind the Shift

  • 22 April 2024
Bakers Adapting - Reducing Egg Dependence

United States - Bakers across the industry are making significant shifts in their recipes, opting to reduce or replace eggs in cakes for several reasons.

Among these motivations are the increasing popularity of plant-based diets, cost management strategies, and the desire to create allergen-free products.

As Laurie Scanlin, Principal Scientist at Ardent Mills, highlights, consumer preferences are driving this change.

Data from Ardent Mills indicates a significant uptick in vegan and plant-based dietary habits, with expectations of growth exceeding 70% last year alone. This trend has pushed bakers to explore egg alternatives to meet evolving consumer demands.

Jennifer Stephens, Vice President of Marketing at Fiberstar Inc., emphasizes the health benefits associated with reducing egg usage in baked goods.

By removing eggs, bakers can lower the cholesterol and saturated fat content of their products, aligning with consumers' desires for better-for-you options.

Ingredients like Citri-Fi citrus fiber not only replace eggs but also contribute dietary fiber to the final product, enhancing its nutritional value.

Yanling Yin, Director of Bakery Applications at Corbion, notes that concerns about animal welfare and sustainability are also driving bakers to seek egg alternatives.

Additionally, the desire to cater to vegan or plant-based diets has become increasingly important in product development.

Another significant factor influencing this shift is the volatility of egg prices.

Dana Duwe, Senior Application Technologist at AB Mauri North America, explains that bakers have faced challenges due to fluctuating egg prices, prompting them to seek stability in pricing and explore alternative ingredients.

Mandates for cage-free eggs in many states further exacerbate concerns about price stability and supply chain resilience.

In response to these challenges and opportunities, bakers are actively exploring egg reduction strategies, ranging from ingredient substitutions to innovative product formulations.

This shift reflects the industry's commitment to meeting consumer preferences, managing costs, and promoting sustainability in bakery operations.

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